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- Get Fit: Your Clubs and You
- Scramble Vs. Best Ball
- Overseed & Aerification
- Bomb It Past Your Friends
- First Tee Jitters
- Course Interview: Paiute
- Setup: A Crucial Start
- Butch Harmon Golf School

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This section is dedicated to giving you some things we feel can possibly brighten up your day or at least make you a little more knowledgeable about the wonderful game of golf. With each newsletter we will provide you with swing tips, funny videos, golf terminology, rules, and so on. If you haven't yet signed up for our newsletter, do so today so you do not miss out on the fun.


Get Fit: You and Your Clubs

StretchLet’s first talk about your body. Before we can even begin to address about your clubs, we need to make sure our personal hardware is in its best possible condition in order to hit the golf ball consistently with an athletic swing over a 4 ½ hour period. The best thing to remember is that you need 30+ minutes of cardio at least 2-3 times a week. That is the minimum requirement which is used as a rule of thumb. Any cardio is better than no cardio, but this will help you on the course more than you can imagine. The more cardio you have done in the past will result in more controlled swings over your 18 hole round and therefore lower scores...

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Major Misconception - Scramble Vs. Best Ball

Las Vegas Golf EventsIn a "Scramble" format the players or designated team captain decide after each shot which one the best shot is. Each player on the team plays their next shot from that spot; within one club length no closer to the hole. The group then plays this way until the ball is holed out. The group takes a score at the end of each hole based on the single best shots from each position on that hole.

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Overseed & Aerification Maintenance Questions Answered

Las Vegas Golf Overseed PrepStarting to plan your golf trip for September/October and notice many of the courses will be closed for Overseed? You show up to a course you have been thinking about for months and say to yourself, “What the heck is going on out here? Are they trying to ruin my golf trip to Las Vegas?” Well first of all we need to look at the process as a whole and then you will see that what is being done is a necessary evil and you may decide for next time to plan around the golf course overseed schedule for Las Vegas. The same goes for aerification; once you realize what it is actually doing for the course/greens, you may not be that upset next time you see scheduled maintenance or end up playing on slightly bumpy greens.

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Bomb It Past Your Frineds

long drive competition
We all want to be able to out drive our friend or maybe at least feel competitive for the long drive contest in your next local scramble.  There is nothing better than stepping up to the tee and ripping one straight down the middle 300 yards.  I know we all suffer from this desire, so I have put together some concepts that will help you get a little more club head speed, but keep it straight at the same time and feel more confident on the tee.

Before I can touch base on the actual swing, I want to briefly talk about club fitting.  With all of the advancements in technology you can differ sometimes 30 yards between two drivers.  Also with technology the computer systems and high speed cameras offer these days you can actually compute the spin rate coming off of the driver as well as the club head speed and ball speed.  The general rule of thumb for professionals with higher swing speeds is that you want your back spin off of the driver to be around 2000-2600rpms.  Too much back spin can rob you of distance as the ball would go up instead of out; not enough and off of the tee you won’t be able to carry the normal lake on your dog leg par 4.  According to the PGA, the average male golfer's swing speed is about 85 mph.

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First Tee Jitters

Las Vegas First Tee Jitters - Stretch
No matter if you are a 30 or a three handicap, we all have them…the dreaded first tee jitters. Some of us act like they don’t even faze us by putting on a good game face and walking with some swagger; others you can see it just by looking at them, but trust me everyone has them. Even professional golfers have them on every first tee and they say if you don’t get nervous, then something is wrong. You can see jitters clear as day from amateurs all the time; they are dropping tees, misplacing things, being a scatter brain, sometimes not even paying attention to the first hole where everyone is using a lay-up club and they of course pull out the driver, because they are so scared to hit that first shot, their brain has temporarily melted away.

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Golf Course Staff Interview: Chad Gunier (Las Vegas Paiute)

Chad C. Gunier, PGAValentine's Golf Gift Certificate
General Manager
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

VIPGS: Describe your facility in your own words; not like a creative writer, but more from a golfer's perspective

Chad G: If you are looking for quality design and conditions, the Paiute is the place to play. It is home to Vegas’ only Pete Dye designs and all three courses are not only different, but highly ranked in the area. Pauite Snow

VIPGS: What is something you wouldn't know about your facility unless you were a regular or an employee?

Chad G: Most golf facilities in Vegas shut down and are cart path only in September to over-seed. The Paiute does not due to its higher elevation, and use of fresh water on all grass surfaces. This allows us to maintain top notch conditions throughout the entire year on all three of our championship golf courses. A number of locals know this fact, but visitors to Vegas are not always accurately informed of the conditions or restrictions to golf courses beforehand.

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Setup: A Crucial Start of the Swing

Why is the setup so crucial to the swing you ask?  Well because everything starts from there.  In order to have a solid golf swing it all starts from the beginning...your setup.  Golf Set up Square Top PictureWith the majority of us all not being professional athletes with impeccable timing we need to make sure we are set up correctly before we take the club back.  It is crucial for us all to hit it straight or at least at our intended target.

Let's start by setting up to a golf ball and simply looking down from your toes and up.  Your toes, knees, hips, forearms, chest, and shoulders all need to be on the same plane.  That means they all need to line up with one another.  You can have shoulders that are square to your target line, but if your toes are out of position it will affect your swing plane.  If your right toe is dropped back for instance, it might force you to hit a hook or inside-out; the opposite if your right toe is in front of your left foot, it can then promote a slice or outside-in swing.

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Butch Harmon Golf School Experience = First Class

Butch Harmon Golf School Logo

Butch Harmon Golf School EntranceWhen you think of Butch Harmon it is hard not to think Tiger Woods.  When Tiger was at his best Butch Harmon was his swing coach.  Even though Mr. Harmon teaches some of the best in the game from past and current (Phil Mickelson, Ricky Fowler, Darren Clarke, Dustin Johnson, Seve Ballesteros, Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, Davis Love III, Fred Couples, Greg Norman, Tom Watson, Adam Scott, Natalie Gulbis, Charlie Hoffman, Nick Watney, the list goes on and on...), he is still recognized as the one who took Tiger to a level of golf that has never and may never be reached again.  So when I was told that I was going to be lucky enough to participate in a two day school on June 26th and 27th of 2015 at the Butch Harmon School of Golf at Rio Secco I was elated to say the least.  I made sure that I had been...

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